Public Transport


We specialise in public transport professional cleaning and service a number of bus depots throughout the North West, with clients including one of the largest international public transport operators.

We specialise in:

  • Daily fleet cleaning
  • M.O.T. cleaning
  • Engine steam cleaning

We also provide:

  • Fuelling and shunting
  • Upholstery steam cleaning
  • Office/depot cleaning

Our Main objective for the public transport sector of our business was to deliver excellence in quality. The outcome once this objective was achieved is now clean, fresh clutter free transport for the public on a daily basis. Our new objective and goal for this sector of our cleaning services is to expand and offer our services and excellence in quality with the same pro active approach on a larger scale working for our clients in new areas. We believe we have the technical expertise, skills, attitude, quality and formula to make public transport the cleanest they have ever been and we will not be beaten on quality. We also have new efficient innovative ideas that we put to practice on a regular basis to improve or services and to ensure our products and techniques and training are all moving forward and are up to date.

  • We clean around 820 buses on a nightly basis
  • 5,740 buses cleaned a week
  • 22,960 cleaned per month
  • 275,520 buses cleaned per year
  • And around 2,755,200 buses cleaned for Arriva in the 10 year service we have provided.

These are just some figures from our cleaning record for our main client over the past 10 years, although we have been cleaning buses for over 17 years and counting, our experience and proud track record speaks volumes. We will not be out done and our buses in the areas we operate will stand out above the rest.

We also offer a mobilised unit of cleaning operatives to litter pick the buses throughout the day on arranged breaks the bus drivers have in specific locations. This is to ensure the build up of litter is minimised, making the bus more presentable during the hours the public most use the transport. This is just one of the efficient and innovative ideas we put to use on a daily basis to give the public the clean transport the pay to use.

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